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Who Am I?

Hi there! My name is Chad, I'm the primary content creator behind Hyperling and HyperVegan. Thank you for your interest!

My mission in life is to help others and make the world a better place. I adhere to objective morality and strive to teach it to others in order to create a world based on Freedom. I'd also like to recreate a "Garden of Eden" on Earth. Imagine if everyone planted at least one fruit tree or had a small square foot garden. We would be in paradise!

Coding and videos aren't my only hobbies, I'm also big into health. I see it as humanity's most important asset and take a nature-based approach. I was fortunate in my early 20's and learned to heal myself. After a childhood of chronic illness I was able to lock in a powerful lifestyle and have not been sick since! My Health Protocol contains more information on that.

I'm also an avid gardener, focusing on the principles of native plants and permaculture in order to grow fruits and vegetables. Food forestry is one of my favorites! I have many other outdoor interests too such as hiking, camping, backpacking, foraging, and traveling.

I live within the boundaries known as "United States of America". From birth to 2023 it was the subboundary "Indiana", and since 2023 it is the subboundary "Arizona". As of 2024 I am working to realize my goal of being a nomad.

Public Notice

No Guarantee

Anything I say, do, or produce comes with no guarantee or warranty unless explicitly noted.

No Harm Principle

I have the potential to be wrong and strive to admit and correct my mistakes. It is never my goal to cause intentional harm.

Freedom of Choice

My time is my own and only I choose what to do with it. I am in the process of reclaiming any of it which I feel has been given away in error.

Freedom of Association

I may choose who and what I do my business with and hold the right to make different choices at any time, regardless of any parties outside the voluntary contract deciding whether it is permissable.

Legal Jurisdiction

I am in the process of learning any rules I have been mistakenly bound by. Any agreements which give away Natural Law rights will be considered under duress through confusion and complication.

My Health Protocol

I've written an eBook with the same title! Find it here.

I have not been sick since I cleaned up my lifestyle in 2014. No colds, flus, fevers, etc. My suggestions for accomplishing this are simple. Consistently:

Unfortunately our society today has many different views on how to do these things, most of which I would say do not work. A quick list of my protocol without getting too into the weeds can be found here:

Health Is A Priority (PDF Download)

Other free sources of information I recommend would be Dr John McDougall, Dr Neal Barnard, and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn. All of them have plenty of free videos and resources online, there is no need to buy their books unless you want to support them. They have been reversing sickness for decades and their plans follow a similar whole food carb-based lifestyle such as my own, with NO OIL!

For more information on my specifics and why I came to this lifestyle please visit My Journey.

Philosophical Stance


My thoughts are my own. I do not subscribe to any external systems.

I believe in:

I prefer interacting with human beings and creatures of the Earth. Electronics and artificial persons are of decreasing interest to me.


I would like to be left alone to be a morally responsible adult. I do not choose a side in the divisive hobby known as politics. I follow arbitrary and meaningless rules only to avoid being abused by a fictitious entity called government. I refuse any rules which are immoral such as requiring one to cause harm to another living being.

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