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Thank you for visiting my site! My goal is to make the world a better place. Hopefully you find content here which helps empower you to do the same!

My Profession

I'm a self-taught, college graduated, and professional software developer with nearly a decade of experience in the corporate world. I have been playing with Linux from a young age and have always enjoyed doing system administration type activities.

Much of my career has focused on back-end type systems such as databases as well as optimizing workflows. I've learned many languages over the years and hope to learn many more. In my free time I have also enjoyed writing user-facing apps for Android.

My resume can be found here.

Public Programs

Please feel free to use any of my free software below.

Android Apps



Play against a friend or a range of AIs. Written to practice Kotlin/Compose.

[F-Droid] [APK] [GitHub]


Carb Up! BETA

Calculate cost-effective foods on a High Carb Low Fat lifestyle.

[Play Store] [APK]


Infinite Timer

Play a notification at your chosen interval.

[Play Store] [APK]


45 Minute Rule

Determine a good bedtime for waking during light sleep.

[Play Store] [APK]



Started as a fun project for learning. Playable but unfinished.

[Play Store] [APK]

Other Programs

For a full list of software including my Ansible automation, Docker setup, source code for this website, and other fun/random toys, check out My Github.

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