Thanks for visiting my site! It is the central hub of my activities, linking you to most of my projects and providing ways to contact and support me. I've also included information such as my health protocol which was currently only scattered throughout videos.

My Public Programs

I write free software! Please feel welcome to browse and use anything I have created.

Android Apps


Carb Up! BETA

Calculate cost-effectiveness of foods on a High Carb Low Fat lifestyle.

[Play Store] [APK]


45 Minute Rule

Determine when to go to bed if you'd like to wake up during light sleep.

[Play Store] [APK]


Infinite Timer

Play your notification sound at your chosen Hour:Minute:Second interval.

[Play Store] [APK]



Began developing some games for fun. Not near a finished state, but "playable".

[Play Store] [APK]

Other Programs

For a full list of programs including my Ansible automation, Docker setup, source code for this website, and fun projects like an obfuscating editor and music fixer, check out My Github.